We Service All Types Of Gutters, Including Hidden Ones.

Honest, Transparent Built-In/Hidden Gutter Repairs

Built-In/Hidden gutters are exactly what the sound like. These gutters are hidden on the inside of your home’s structure rather than visible on the exterior like traditional gutters. With built-in gutters, proper maintenance is as crucial as your regular dental visit. Much like your teeth, delaying built-in gutter repairs can have costly consequences when the issue becomes worse. Unattended small cavities can lead to a costly root canal or even a set of new dentures. Some of the most common problems with built-in/hidden gutter systems are:

Signs Your Built-In/Hidden Gutters are Failing

Having to replace your built-in/hidden gutter system can cost $5,000 and beyond. Getting your built-in/hidden gutters repaired as soon as you notice signs of failure is crucial to ensuring your current system keeps operating and you’re able to avoid expensive and unneccesary replacements.

Rotted Wood & Peeling Paint

Stained, Dripping or Discoloured Soffits

Discolouration or rot on fascia board

Interior water stains to walls and/or ceiling

Built-In/Hidden Gutter Components

We offer a wide range of different gutter styles to suit every homeowner and protect your home from the rain.

Cap Flashing

Cap flashing protects to top fascia board from water damage and is an important aesthetic feature of your home. High quality 26-gauge custom fabricated metal cap flashing is installed around the entire perimeter of the gutter, overtop of the fascia. Cap flashing is secured with hidden fasteners and horizontal seams are caulked to ensure a proper seal.
Common Issues:


Drains divert water coming down from the roof into the downspout below. The downspout carries all the water down in to the drain pipe below ground and away from your foundation. 3-inch copper drains allow more water to exit and are less likely to get clogged, putting less stress on your gutter system. These are installed to manufacturer specifications without open seams.
Common Issues:


Seams are where two pieces of membrane in your gutter system meet. These are sealed using high-quality bonding materials to manufacturer specifications. All seams should have seam tape or a target patch overtop which run up and under the roof and cap flashing.
Common Issues:

Cleanout Boxes

Cleanout boxes are attached to your downspouts at accessible locations to prevent debris from flowing into your underground drainage system. This allows you to ensure your drains are working properly without needing to climb onto your roof.
Common Issues:

Our Built-In/Hidden Gutters Work


Quality Workmanship Backed By An Industry-Leading Warranty

At ProRise Gutters, we believe that quality should always be at the forefront of our business. Our team of experienced, full-time gutter technicians are experts at their craft which allows us to offer our customers an industry-leading 10-Year warranty on Gutter Installations & Built-In Gutter Repairs.

Our Built-In/Hidden Gutter Repair Process

Gutter Inspection

Give us a call and schedule your free, no obligation inspection. Our team of gutter experts will inspect your entire gutter system from top to bottom, looking for signs of damage to the gutter system itself and the surrounding area of your home.


Once we've completed our inspection, we provide you with a detailed report on the issues as well as our estimate with different gutter repair options available for your home. We'll answer any questions you may have and walk you through the entire process from start to finish.

Gutter Repairs

With the estimate signed off and options selected, our expert team will begin the repairs to your gutter systems. This includes replacement or upgrades to cap flashing, replacement of any rotted wood, repair and upgrading of drain outlets, repair of damaged EPDM seams, and installation of clean out boxes to existing downspouts.


We value our customers and strive to ensure that we treat every job as if we were working on our own home. We ensure the entire area is thoroughly cleaned and restored to the same condition it was in when we arrived, sweeping off the surrounding area, picking up any debris and ensuring your home is clean and safe.


With the gutter repairs completed, we perform a walkthrough of the project with you so you can see the work and we can resolve any issues that may be present. All of our work is documented, photographed and inspected by our red seal technicians. We send you a detailed final report with all finished photos of all repaired areas.

Customer Care

Just because the job is finished, doesn't mean we are. We are the only company in Metro Vancouver to provide our customers with an Industry-Leading 10-Year Warranty on all our Built-In Gutter Repair Work. Our team will follow-up with you to ensure you're completely satisfied with your gutter repairs and address any concerns you may have.